Create a unique candidate profile

Be rewarded for sharing roles

Found a Swag job that’s cool, but not for you? Send it to a friend and if they’re successful, you’ll earn $50!

  1. First find a job, then hit Refer a friend to refer someone.
  2. Fill out the details - this is important so we can make sure we track the right person for the reward! (hint: make sure you know your pal’s email address).
  3. Create a Swag account to qualify for the incentive and also track all the referrals you’ve made.
  4. If your referral is successful (starts the role), you’ll both see a sweet $50 added to your Swag Spend account.

Click here to view the full Candidate Referral Promotion Terms and Conditions that apply.

How to redeem your reward:

  1. Download the Swag app.
  2. Setup your Swag spend account (on your Swag app).
  3. Wait for your reward to be deposited into your account.
  4. Spend!